Sabtu, 09 Juli 2016

Notification From AirAsia

Parfici Airline House,819 829,
Kuala Lumpur International,

The AirAsia Special Exclusive Bonus selection's Program was conducted at the headquarters of our Asia Pacific Regional in Kuala Lumpur International, Malaysia 2016 AirAsia Exclusive Special Bonus Program is registered and organized in accordance with the Board of the Asian Master Flyers (AMF) and the World Asian Games Committee (WAGC) in conjunction with Asia Global Research

Therefore, we are pleased to officially inform you about the status of your glorious victory, Official notification from AirAsia Program Committee is hereby issued you with a Ticket Number to your email address: AASSG-0651567/SGD1, With Bonus Referrnce Number: AAPSK/146-0000-09, With Randomly Draw for Lucky Numbers AASG000-31-0584 which your email address was selected as a winner of The 2016 AirAsia Special Exclusive Bonus selection of our yearly Program draw, You have subsequently won the 2016 AirAsia Special Exclusive Bonus in the first group selections Program.

Regarding the above notice, we have officially approved the payment of a sum of $ 250,000,00 USD (Four Hundred And Fifthy Thousand United State Dollars) only for you and your family as a BONUS/GIFT as the Certified winner of AirAsia Special Exclusive Bonus selection programe, Our Organizing Committee of the 2016 AirAsia Special Exclusive Bonus Program (LOC) will immediately initiate Instant Transfer/Wire Funds of your $ 250,000,00 USD (Four Hundred And Fifthy Thousand United State Dollars) as soon as you have contacted them. Therefore, you are advised to contact the 2016 AirAsia Special Exclusive Bonus Redemtion Desk below

Organizing Committee of AirAsia Program(LOC) immediately as described below:

Contact Person: Micheal Lee
Shipping Officer in Charge
Organizing Committee AirAsia LOC)
Email: airasia-malaysia@outlook.my

Full Name:
Contact Address:
Phone Number:
Your Country:
Personal E-mail:

Organizing Committee of the AirAsia 2016 Program is happy that you do read and understood the content of this email and also sending greetings to you and your with Love, Good Health and may God Bless Your Home with Happiness, Thank You

Emmanuel Allix
AirAsia Chairman
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